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Bring Out the Man-Dingo in You!


DINGO JUICE is a 100% All Natural Herbal Supplements for MEN! Unlike chemical stimulants, DINGO JUICE has no side-effects and will not upset normal sleep cycles. DINGO JUICE is a SUPER TONIC that strengthens and refreshes the mind, enhances physical activity and gernerates calmness, confidence and a positive outlook
Yes, DINGO JUICE is the real thing. The herbal ingredients in DINGO JUICE blend together synergistically to increase the blood flow in your body. To get a better understanding of the effect of each herb please click the ingredients link.
You should experience the powerful effects of DINGO JUICE within 19 to 43 minutes after consumption. It takes at least 2 days before DINGO JUICE is totally in your system.
Approximately 3 weeks to one month of supply is contained in one bottle. If you take the maximum dosage of 3 dropper full three times a day you will run out of DINGO JUICE in about two weeks. Unless you have a very active life style or your job is very physical and you are using DINGO JUICE as an energy supplement, we recommend dosages under the maximum dosage.
In order to achieve the MAXIMUN BENEFITwith DINGO JUICE, you must take three droppers full of DINGO JUICE three times a day for at least two to four months straight. You will need at least 3 bottles of DINGO JUICE to achieve this goal. Order our DINGO GOLD package and BRING OUT THE MAN-DINGO IN YOU!
In order to achieve male enhancement with DINGO JUICE, your body needs time to develop new tissue. DINGO JUICE improves the overall strength and function of your sexual system. This includes hormone balance and improved blood flow to your extremities. By increasing your blood flow DINGO JUICE will cause your body to grow more penile tissue to handle the greater blood flow. This is when your body increases its actual size. You need at least 3 to 6 bottles of DINGO JUICE to achieve this Goal!
Take three droppers full of DINGO JUICE with an 8oz glass of water 19 to 43 minutes before having relations with your partner. Since DINGO JUICE is a liquid, you will experience an increase your Energy, Stamina, Desire and Drive better than any other product on the market.
You can take up to the maximum dosage of 3 dropper squeezes 3 times a day. Some men find that the maximum dosage gives them too much energy, so it is important that you use a dosage amount that you find comfortable. We recommend that you do not exceed the maximum dose. DINGO JUICE is a strong herbal formula, so do not take the whole bottle at one time.
There have been no tests on the effects of DINGO JUICE when taken with prescription medication or health supplements. We strongly encourage you to print out a listing of the ingredients in DINGO JUICE and consult your physician before using our product.
DINGO JUICE will increase the sexual desire and pleasure in women. DINGO JUICE improves the function and availability of testosterone already present in a woman’s body. This will make women more aggressive sexually. DINGO JUICE should not be taken daily by women, only when needed.